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Epilog Laser News is a publication that highlights the latest engraving ideas, technical articles, and the latest news from Epilog. You’ll find valuable tutorials, videos, and more. Scroll through past issues of our popular E-Newsletter below.

Other News

Laser Cutting Easter Basket Name Tags

Add a personal touch to your Easter baskets. with laser cut name tags.

Laser Cut Wooden Lamp

Laser cut a simple and modern wooden lamp design that makes a statement in your space.

Laser Engraving and Cutting Frosted Acrylic Ornaments

Learn to laser engrave and cut fun and festive frosted acrylic ornaments.

Laser Engraved Odorless Rubber Stamps

Laser engrave custom rubber stamps for everything from crafting and art, to business and organizational use.

Laser Cut LEGO® Brick Stencils

Kids and adults alike can really get creative with these laser-cut LEGO® Brick stencils and letters.