Super-Silent™ Cooling Fans

Loud machinery in your shop can make talking to customers and co-workers difficult. Anyone who has a laser running all day in their business has probably been annoyed by the volume of sound put out by the laser, but the minute you turn on one of our systems you’ll hear the difference.

With the Super-Silent™ Cooling Fans available exclusively from Epilog Laser, you can run your laser equipment under normal operating conditions with minimal background noise.

How much quieter?

  • Epilog Mini 18: Reduced from 76 db to 59 db
  • Epilog Mini 24: Reduced from 76 db to 59 db
  • Epilog Helix 24: Reduced from 80 db to 62 db

Each ten decibel reduction in sound is equal to a ten-fold reduction in noise levels. You'll be able to hold a normal conversation while running the laser without having to raise your voice!

In fact, Epilog Laser systems are the only lasers in the industry that allow you to converse in normal tones while the machine is operating, even if standing directly over the machine. The Super-Silent Cooling Fans make for a much more comfortable and productive work area.

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