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The Epilog G2 Makes its Mark

Learn more about Epilog Laser’s G2 Galvo laser, which features a combination of high-speed metal and plastic engraving and marking capabilities and a large work area.

Leasing Laser Engraving Equipment

If you’re interested in starting a laser engraving/cutting business or getting a laser system of your own, you may have questions regarding how to go about purchasing your equipment. Our associates at Geneva Capital, LLC. have put together an informative piece on the benefits of leasing to help you determine the best purchasing options to fit your needs.

Advanced Software for Fiber Laser Marking

Learn how open-architecture software design can be easily integrated into your business. A feature only found on the Epilog FiberMark series, open-architecture design saves manufacturers time and money.

Laser Engraving High-Tech Gadgets

The awards and engraving market is rapidly expanding to include customization of all types of products – from already-assembled items to hand-made one-of-a-kind trinkets. One of the hottest trends right now is the personalization of tech-gadgets such as mobile phones, mp3 players, digital cameras, laptop covers and beyond.

Laser Engraving Equipment Exhaust

Proper exhaustion of your laser engraving equipment is paramount in running a safe work area. It’s not only beneficial to your work environment, but proper exhaustion will also add to the life of your laser engraving system.

Laser Engraving Equipment – Features, Accessories and other Must-haves

This whitepaper outlines common laser engraving equipment features and accessories. The report gives insight as to why some features are more important that others, and which ones you just can’t live without.

System Maintenance: Keeping a clean and productive laser system

This whitepaper outlines the importance of keeping a clean laser system. Regular cleaning is an excellent way of maintaining the life of your machine.

Settings for Success: Techniques for most popular engraving materials

This whitepaper outlines common techniques and laser settings for some of today’s most popular engraving materials.

Pretty as a Picture – Tips for Engraving Photography

This whitepaper discusses the fundamentals of photo engraving. An excellent resource for beginners or those who need who need a refresher on how to best engrave photographs.

The Ins and Outs of Glass Engraving

This whitepaper outlines the basic techniques used in glass engraving. Readers will learn about selecting glass, keeping proper temperatures when engraving and more.

Metal Marking Tips

The ‘Big Three’ in Metal Marking – Applications for Etching, Polishing and Annealing

Epilog’s New FiberMark System

Epilog’s new FiberMark flying optic laser marking system is the first of its kind and offers advantages over traditional galvo beam delivery systems.

High Technology Marking Principles

Epilog Laser introduced its newest laser system, the FiberMark, at IMTS Exhibition in Chicago. The all new FiberMark fiber laser system is an entirely new way to think about how lasers can mark metal in an affordable, convenient way for businesses.

Versatility the Key with CO2 Lasers

With a CO2 laser, versatility is the key benefit of expanding your business. This whitepaper explains how the never ending list of engraveable materials like wood, acrylic, glass, etc. allows our customers to be in control of their selling process with the large number of products that they can come up with on a daily basis!

Epilog Celebrates 15 Years of Innovation

This whitepaper explains how two engineers, Steve Garnier and John Doran, went from a spark of an idea of creating a new kind of engraving machine, to creating a laser engraver at an affordable price. Read more about how Epilog Laser got it’s start in the laser engraving business and where Epilog is at today.

Add the Versatility of a CO2 Laser System

Adding the versatility of a CO2 laser system can be the key to success for your business. This whitepaper explains the versatility of CO2 laser systems and how they can benefit your business.

Want to Increase Your Profits?

Searching for unique ways to increase their profits without a large outflow of cash? With a highly versatile engraving and cutting system from Epilog Laser, you can easily enhance your product offerings while increasing the variety of signage you offer. Find out why in this paper.