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Laser Engraving Building Signage



– Laser Engraving Building Signage
Customers often purchase a laser with one specific or a few specialty applications in mind, such as customizing powder coated tumblers or engraving photographs. But because Epilog Laser machines are so versatile, it doesn’t take business owners long to tap into new laser applications that not only help their organization, but can also be added to their service offerings. A great example of this is laser engraving building signage. Not only can laser operations with storefronts quickly and easily create their own signage, but they can also offer this service to customers. Operations like banks, hotels, hospitals, and schools are always in need of interior building signage, and that is a great opportunity for engravers to expand their product line. Is laser engraving building signage something you’re looking to explore? Check out the project below for laser parameters, materials, and full instructions!

Project Settings

Materials Needed
Machine Used
Fusion Pro 32 80 watt
Laser Engraving
Laser Vector Cutting
Speed50% Power40% Frequency100%

Prepare the Artwork

Open the design file and modify as necessary. Our file examples include business campus maps, employee-only designation signs, mail pick up instructions, etc.

Design files for laser engraving signage


Insert your plastic sheet into the laser. If using a Fusion Pro, drag and drop your artwork where you would like the engraving to take place.

job manager view of signage art files

For non-Fusion Pro machines, set your page size to the size of your plastic and lay out the files to engrave where you would like. If you are concerned about placement, you can always draw a vector box around each piece and run ONLY that job with the lid open and the red dot pointer on. This will give you a visual indicator of where each sign will engrave/cut.

Send to the Laser

When you’re ready to cut/engrave, remove the box you just drew and send the job to the laser.

laser engraving building signage


After you’ve engraved and cut the colored plastic, cut the clear plastic backing to the necessary size. Use the standoffs to connect the two pieces and your laser engraved and cut building signage is complete!

laser engraved building signage
laser engraved building signage

Where can you sell laser engraved signage?

  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Libraries
  • Restaurants