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Laser Cut and Engraved Christmas Ornaments

Holidays, Wood


– Laser Cut and Engraved Christmas Ornaments

Whether you’re looking for inspiration this holiday season or simply need to add to your Christmas product line, these fun and festive ornaments made a great addition to your showroom.

Made from finished alder wood and fully customizable, here we’ve provided the designs for a variety of holiday well-wishes that will be a hit with your customers this Christmas. Read on to learn how we did it!

Project Settings

Materials Needed
Machine Used
Fusion M2 32 75w
Laser Engraving
Laser Vector Cutting
Speed35% Power100% Frequency500

Prepare the Artwork

Click the “Download Now” button above. This will open a zipped folder that includes the artwork files. Adjust the print settings according to your lasers wattage.

Settings for engraving

Send to the Laser

Place the wood strip against the rulers on the vector grid. Adjust the focus, set the home position to the upper left corner and press go!

Place wood strip into laser


Put on your favorite holiday tune and watch as your custom ornaments are precisely engraved and cut in just minutes!

wood ornaments being engraved
wood ornaments after engraving

When finished, simpy remove the ornaments from the excess wood and lightly clean with a damp cloth to remove any smoke residue.

Final ornaments
Final ornaments hanging on the christmas tree

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