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Animek Model Engraving

Animek Models

Benoit Jean, owner of Animek Models, specializes in creating miniature scale models

The Challenge:

Finding a laser system that provides the most detailed cutting and engraving results. When creating scale models, the ability to provide highly-detailed work in a very small area is crucial. Read on to find out how Epilog helps Animek provide top-quality scale models and kits for miniature train structures, architectural models and more.

The Solution:

To achieve the extremely detailed results he wanted, Benoit selected an Epilog 35-watt Mini 18.

A novice to the laser cutting/engraving arena, Benoit began the research process knowing very little about the equipment. In fact, prior to making his final purchase, he had never operated cutting/engraving machinery.

The decision to purchase a laser engraving/cutting system requires a significant investment, so before he made his final decision, Benoit researched several equipment providers.

Benoit, who resides in Quebec, said one of the main reasons he went with Epilog was due to the fact his distributor was in close proximity and there was no language barrier.

“I didn’t want to purchase this kind of equipment by mail and I strongly wanted local support. I would also have to say that Epilog was the only name being supplied locally, and in French. Being able to acquire parts locally was very important to me, because I know the equipment is a sophisticated piece of technology.”

The results:

Benoit has benefited from the Epilog system in several ways – namely by saving time and money by doing things with the laser that were previously outsourced or done by hand.

“Having a laser permitted me to create greater looking models. I’m also able to create them in a kit format so that modelers can assemble the models themselves. I can build things now that I couldn’t have achieved by hand, or in a normal time frame.

“In fact, I have recently purchased a 1.5-inch lens for my laser to reduce the width of cuts, which in my scale is very critical. So far I have seen significant improvements.

I certainly don’t regret my decision to go with Epilog,” Benoit tells us. “I’ve found Epilog’s tech support very helpful and trustworthy.”

Benoit was happy to show us some of his other samples – below you’ll see a firetruck (right) and windmill (back left) both done at 1:220 scale. The black pushpin illustrates the size of the other items – all perfectly cut/engraved with an Epilog.

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