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Sanaloma Laser

Sanaloma Laser

Laser engraving and cutting system makes home-based business dream a reality

Chuck and Carol Esh were determined to find a way to balance starting a home-based business with raising their family.

“We were looking for a business opportunity that would allow us to continue to raise our kids and be a family,” Carol said.

Our Epilog Laser is the center of Sanaloma Laser. We wouldn’t have a business without the Epilog. It is our business!

Carol Esh

When the couple first made the decision to start a business, neither realized an outside hobby would set the wheels in motion for such a successful endeavor.

“My husband is very interested in remote control airplanes and he had some innovative ideas and plans that he had designed and wanted to sell in kit form,” Carol said. “The problem was, he wasn’t happy with the current choices of the precut wood, which is a necessary item for creating the kits. The wood was too expensive to have done in small quantities and too small to have done in bulk,” Carol said.

Chuck decided that with the right tools, he could design, create and sell his own line of RC airplane kits. The couple began the search for tools that would allow them to bring their creative vision to life.

Their search was extensive but the couple was not finding the right machine to turn their ideas into profitable products until Chuck began researching laser engraving systems. “Chuck had seen a demonstration of the laser engraving equipment and convinced me to take a look,” Carol said. “It didn’t take long for us to realize all the potential things we could create.” New to the laser engraving industry, Carol and Chuck continued researching manufacturers and machines well after the first demo.

After several months they decided that an Epilog system was the best choice.

“We really liked the fact that Epilog’s laser systems can easily be networked to multiple PCs so we can both work with the laser,” Carol said. “Another big reason we chose Epilog was how many features came standard with the machine.

“It was actually less expensive than the other models we looked at because we didn’t have to buy all of the add-ons.”

With their new Epilog Mini 24 system in hand, they started their new business, Sanaloma Laser, a company specializing in remote control airplanes and puzzle kits.

In addition to RC airplane and puzzle kits, Sanaloma Laser produces high volumes of more corporate items like uniquely customized business card holders. When researching different laser systems, Carol told us she and Chuck wanted a machine capable of working with a variety of materials.

“Even after almost two years of owning the laser I am impressed with flexibility of the Epilog system,” Carol said. Chuck and Carol depend on their laser system to keep their business up and running, so reliability and machine life were two significant considerations for them.

“The Epilog machine has been very reliable,” Carol said. “We have had very little down time in the two years we have been running it.”

With such reliability, Sanaloma Laser has been able to create a variety of products to meet their customer’s needs. Whether it is creating several identical items or filling one-of-a-kind orders, Chuck and Carol know their system can meet the demand.

While a quality machine was of the highest importance to Carol and Chuck, they also wanted the best aftermarket support available.

“Epilog really seems to value customer input,” Carol tells us. “You can see it in every update and every new product. It is greatly appreciated and makes our job much easier. Our Epilog Laser is the center of Sanaloma Laser,” Carol said. “We wouldn’t have a business without the Epilog. It is our business!”

To learn more about Sanaloma Laser, visit their website at

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