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Technical Support

We’re here to help you through online and phone assistance.

Looking for help with your laser system?

There are many easy ways to contact our Technical Support Team:

Contact our Applications Lab:

Click here or call us +1 303-277-1188. We’ll work to answer your questions. Once we’ve determined laser testing is in order, samples can be submitted for testing.

To help us test, we’ll ask you to send us:

  • A brief description of shape, size and location of mark
  • Graphics or logos are welcome, just make sure they’re of high resolution
  • A few extra blanks (if possible) to fine tune the application
  • We’ll put together an extensive report to send back with your parts that discusses the techniques we used to mark the parts, our machine recommendation, and much more

Please send samples for testing to our Applications Lab:

Epilog Laser Applications Lab
16100 Table Mountain Parkway, Suite 300
Golden, CO 80403