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Laser Cut LEGO® Brick Stencils



– Laser Cut LEGO® Brick Stencils
Kids and adults alike can really get creative with these laser-cut LEGO® Brick stencils and letters. This type of interactive project helps foster imaginative play and can keep kiddos entertained for hours. Check out the video above or steps below to see how we brought this personalized and colorful project to life!

Project Settings

Materials Needed
Machine Used
Fusion Maker 24 30 watt
Laser Vector Cutting
Speed20 Power100 Frequency20

Step 1: Setup

Open the artwork files and customize as necessary.

graphics for laser cutting LEGO® building blocks

Step 2: Send the Job to the Laser

After you’ve modified the artwork to your liking, insert your LEGO® Brick material and focus the machine. You may need to test your speed/power/frequency settings prior to cutting. Send the job to the laser with the correct parameters for your machine/wattage.

laser cutting building blocks

Step 3: Remove the cut outs

After your letters have been cut, remove them from the table bed.

Remove any cut out pieces from the LEGO® building block sheets.

Step 4: Assemble

Adhere the cut letters or stencil backgrounds to the wall and decorate as you please!

Assemble the LEGO® building blocks.
Assemble the LEGO® building blocks.

The completed laser cut LEGO® building blocks.

Where can you sell custom LEGO® Brick kits?

  • Children’s stores
  • Pediatrician offices
  • Libraries
  • Daycare facilities