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Laser Engraved Odorless Rubber Stamps



– Laser Engraved Odorless Rubber Stamps
Rubber stamps have been a popular tool for various creative and practical purposes for many years. They come in a wide range of designs and sizes, making them suitable for all kinds of applications. You can find stamps for everything from crafting and art to business and organizational use. Epilog Laser machines make it easy to create rubber stamps in a matter of minutes! Check out the video and read the steps below and you’ll be creating your own stamps in no time.

Project Settings

Materials Needed
Machine Used
Fusion Maker 24 30 watt
Laser Engraving
Laser Vector Cutting
Speed15 Power100 Frequency100

Step 1: Setup

Open the artwork files and customize as necessary.

graphics for laser engraving rubber stamps

Step 2: Enable Stamp Mode

In the Laser Dashboard, under the Advanced tab, set the Engrave Type to “Stamp” and set the Fence to “Bounding Area”.

laser cutting rubber stamp material

Step 3: Send the Job to the Laser

After you’ve modified the artwork to your liking, insert your rubber stamp material and focus the machine. You may need to test your speed/power/frequency settings prior to cutting. Send the job to the laser with the correct parameters for your machine/wattage.

laser engraving rubber stamps

Step 3: Remove and clean off the rubber stamps

After your stamps have been engraved and cut, remove them from the table bed and clean them off.

Remove the cut out pieces from the odorless rubber sheets.
Clean off any debris from the rubber stamps.

Step 4: Assemble

Adhere the rubber stamps to the stamp blocks.

Apply adhesive to the rubber stamps.
Attach the stamps to the stamp blocks.

Now you’re ready to use your custom engraved rubber stamps.

The completed laser engraved odorless rubber stamps.

What are some industries I can market rubber stamps to?

  • Craft and DIY enthusiasts: Rubber stamps are popular in the world of crafting and DIY projects. They can be used to embellish scrapbooks, greeting cards, invitations, and a wide range of other creative endeavors.
  • Home Decor: Rubber stamps can be used to decorate and personalize items around your home, such as fabric, curtains, and walls. This offers a cost-effective way to add unique designs to your living space.
  • Business Applications: Rubber stamps are commonly used in offices and businesses for tasks like marking documents, addressing envelopes, and labeling items. They can help streamline processes and enhance professionalism.
  • Educational Tools: Teachers often use rubber stamps for grading assignments, providing feedback, and motivating students. Fun and colorful stamps can make the learning process more engaging for children.

Whether you’re using rubber stamps for practical tasks or artistic expression, they offer a creative and versatile way to add a personal touch to various projects.

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