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Laser Cut 3D Lamp



– Laser Cut 3D Lamp
This customer-supplied Sample Club project walks you through the steps of creating a 3D wooden lamp using your Epilog Laser system. As you can see, the laser easily cuts through the 1/8” thick MDF, allowing you to create all kinds of ready-to-assemble products. Check out the video above for step-by-step instructions. And thanks to Maker Experiment for submitting this project!

Project Settings

Materials Needed
Machine Used
Fusion Maker 30 watt
Laser Vector Cutting
Speed20% Power100% Frequency20%


Open the artwork files and customize as necessary.

graphics for laser cutting 3D Lamp

Send the Job to the Laser

After you’ve modified the artwork to your liking, insert your MDF material into the laser and send the job over with the correct parameters for your machine.

laser cutting 3D Lamp

Remove inner pieces

After your lamp has been cut, carefully remove any pieces cut out from the middle.

Remove any cut out pieces from the lamp.


After your 3D lamp pieces have been cut,it’s time to put it together.

Assemble the 3D Lamp.

Carefully attach both side panels with holes aligned on top, interlocking them with the back panel.

Assemble the 3D Lamp.

Connect the top panel by inserting the tabs into the holes of the side panels, creating a hinge.

Assemble the 3D Lamp.

Insert the middle panel, making sure the tabs line up with the holes on all 3 sides.

Assemble the 3D Lamp.

Slowly slide the final panel in from the bottom at an angle until it locks into place.

Assemble the 3D Lamp.

Squeezing the prongs on both sides of the light bulb, insert the bulb through the bottom hole of the lamp. Now you may enjoy your new laser cut 3d lamp!

The completed laser cut 3D Lamp.

Where can you sell laser cut 3D Lamps?

You can sell wooden lamps already assembled or as kits for customers to put together themselves.

  • Online shops
  • Specialty gift stores
  • Home décor outlets

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