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Laser Cut Wooden Lamp



– Laser Cut Wooden Lamp
Watching the laser head move back and forth across the table to reveal a complete engraving can be mesmerizing. But there’s also something extremely satisfying about laser cutting components to assemble into a product with depth and dimension. This Sample Club project uses the laser to cut a wooden base and several attachment pieces, that once assembled, create a dramatic and stylish lighting fixture. Check out the video or steps below and learn how to create your own wooden lamp!

Project Settings

Materials Needed
Machine Used
Fusion Pro 24 80 watt
Laser Vector Cutting
Speed15 Power100 Frequency10

Step 1: Setup

Begin with staining the plywood with your preferred staining product. We used a dark stain resembling oak for this project. Once it’s dry, it’s time to open the artwork files and customize as necessary.

graphics for laser cutting a wooden lamp

Step 2: Send the Job to the Laser

After you’ve modified the artwork to your liking, insert your plywood material and focus the machine. You may need to test your speed/power/frequency settings prior to cutting. Send the job to the laser with the correct parameters for your machine/wattage.

laser cutting a wooden lamp

Step 3: Assemble the Lamp

This lamp was cut to fit the specific cord we purchased; however, it is a fairly standard size from a variety of manufacturers.
Start by unscrewing the plastic circular piece on the lighting kit. Slide the base of the lamp (the wooden circle) on the light cord. Reattach the plastic circle piece back to the light cord. Attach the wooden inserts into the cut outs of the circular base. The pieces should fit snugly, but if you are looking for added stability you can use wood glue to adhere them. Insert a light bulb into the kit and you are good to go!

Assemble the wooden lamp.

Step 4: Attach a Light Fixture

Attach the lamp to a lighting fixture and decorate as you please!

Enjoy your new laser cut wooden lamp

Where can you sell wooden lamps?

  • Online Stores
  • Home décor retailers
  • Woodworking fairs

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