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Who we are

Epilog Laser was created in 1988 with the concept of bringing CO2 laser technology to commercial manufacturers and business owners. After 30+ years of designing and engineering the highest-quality laser machines, our equipment can now be found in all types of settings from sign shops to schools to industrial manufacturing facilities and well beyond.

A great deal of our success stems from innovation. We see a need in the industry and we strive to meet it. Epilog produced the first to laser to “print” directly from CorelDRAW. We designed and created the first rotary attachment accessory so our customers could engrave around cylindrical objects. We manufactured the first 100-watt laser system. We launched the first USA-made entry-level system for under $8,000 to bring our technology to a wider audience. And we didn’t stop there.

Epilog Laser headquarters building

Epilog Headquarters

Golden, Colorado USA

In 2019 Epilog unveiled the Fusion Pro Laser Series, which features 165 inches per second (4.2 m/s) engraving speeds, 5g acceleration, and the IRIS™ Camera System. This invaluable tool features overhead cameras that allow the user to see a real-time image of the laser bed so they can precisely position their artwork on the engraving piece in less time than ever before. Not only does the IRIS Camera System save customers time when setting up their jobs, but when you know exactly where your engraving will appear it helps eliminate the need to rerun jobs, which greatly reduces material waste.

The incredible response to the Fusion Pro Series prompted us to incorporate many of the same features into smaller systems, and in 2020 the Fusion Edge Series was introduced. These powerful systems feature up to 120 inches per second (3.05 m/s) engraving speeds as well as the popular IRIS Camera System, which has proven to be an absolute game-changer for customers looking for high-precision and quick setup of projects.

Whether its through our machinery or software, Epilog has built a reputation of implementing useful features that enhance our customers’ ability to work more efficiently and reap higher profits.

Our Company Philosophy

Since 1988, we’ve been dedicated to providing the best equipment and support in the industry. We embrace advancements in technology and use them to design and manufacture the most sophisticated and easy-to-use equipment available. In addition to our high-quality systems, Epilog Laser is recognized throughout the world as having the most experienced and knowledgeable sales and technical support teams.

Our sense of dedication is apparent in all of our relationships – from customers to distributors to vendors and beyond. Our commitment to developing and nurturing long-term relationships with our worldwide distribution channels ensure our customers will always have the most experienced sales and support professionals available long after the initial sale.

Epilog Laser Founders

Golden, Colorado USA
“Who can believe this rogue bunch started this great company?”
— Anonymous employee
Epilog Employees celebrating the Colorado Rockies

Epilog Employees

Golden, Colorado USA

As technologies evolve and customer needs become more sophisticated, we realize the importance of continuing education in the laser engraving industry. We are widely recognized as the best source of after-market training programs to ensure our users stay current on the latest laser engraving applications and techniques.

How can we provide this level of commitment and service? Epilog, as a company, would not be a leader in this industry if we did not have a team of extremely dedicated and talented employees. We’ve ranked in the top 10 in the Denver Business Journal’s Best Place to Work competition for the last five years and are up again for the award this year. We treat our employees fairly and with respect, so that they in turn treat our customers the very same way.

At Epilog Laser we take what we do very seriously. And what we do is design, engineer and manufacture the equipment you need to best run your business, while simultaneously creating a working environment that allows our team to best serve our customers – before, during and well after the sale.

Cultivating Relationships – An Integral Part of our Success

Designing and manufacturing leading edge machinery is just one facet of our business. We couldn’t do what we do without our incredibly strong network of customers, distributors, vendors, employees, and industry associates.

To our customers we offer a near endless stream of support – from our online training suite and technical library to our top-notch technical support staff. It is our priority to keep our customers up and running at peak performance.

Our distributors play a crucial role in our success as a company as well. From installation to training, we rely on their expertise in the field to ensure a positive customer experience. Many of the representatives in our network have been with Epilog since the very beginning and we’re continually grateful for their support.

We strive to attract and keep the best employees in the business, and it shows. Epilog has ranked in the top ten places to work in the Denver-metro area several times and in 2015 was named the Best Place to Work in Denver. We continue to welcome new faces, but many of our team members have been with us for 10, 15, even 20+ years! Our hiring practices are the guiding force behind how we run the business – create a place where people look forward to going to work and together, we’ll build higher quality equipment.

In 2018 Epilog celebrated its 30th year in business. We’ve come so far as a company over the last few decades – building a custom production facility and warehouse in Colorado; developing and introducing new laser machines and software capabilities; opening additional sales and distribution facilities in Canada and the Netherlands; and adding to both our domestic and international teams. We can’t wait to spend the next 30+ years continuing to manufacture revolutionary equipment that transforms laser operators into lifelong customers.