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Laser Cut Wine Advent Tree

Holidays, Wood


– Laser Cut Wine Advent Tree

The holidays are a great time to share a glass of wine with friends. What better way to celebrate the season and try a new blend than with this laser cut wine advent tree? Every day leading up to Christmas you can enjoy a new type of wine or even an old favorite. You can also opt to remove the engraved numbers and use the tree as a regular wine rack.

Whether you’re a wine shop owner using the tree to display your product or giving the tree as a gift, the laser cut wine advent tree is a fantastic addition to your current holiday decor.

And as another bonus, this design file can be scaled to nearly any size – you can further customize the idea by modifying the tree to hold beer bottles, cans, or mini-bottles as well!

Read on to learn how to create your own!

Project Settings

Materials Needed
Machine Used
Fusion Pro 48 120w
Laser Engraving
Laser Vector Cutting
Speed6% Power100% Frequency50%

Prepare Your Primary Material

Prepare your MDF/wood for lasering. We opted to use pre-painted MDF, so all we needed to do was mask one side of our sheets to help protect the surfaces from cutting and engraving residue. If you’re using unfinished material, but would like the final piece to be painted, you can either paint your sheets before masking, or you can paint the components once they’ve been cut out.

Applying masking to the surface of the MDF

Prepare Your Secondary Material

For the stars that will adorn the top of our tree, we applied double-sided tape to the back of our plastic prior to laser cutting. Once applied, the exposed side of the tape is protected with a film we’ll peel off later. When we cut the stars out with the laser, we’ll cut through both the plastic and the adhesive. This means we’ll have even adhesive application across the entirety of our stars. You could also forego the tape at this stage and simply apply tape after the stars have been cut out, but if you’d like to follow our approach, be sure to apply some thin double-sided tape to the back of your plastic before you start cutting with the laser.

Double-sided tape on the back of the gold plastic

Prepare the Artwork

Once you have your materials prepared, make any design or sizing adjustments you’d like to the artwork.

Advent tree files in illustrator

Cut and Engrave the Tree Components

Since the tree components will require two sheets of material, you’ll need to run them using two jobs. Send the jobs over to the machine by printing them from your graphics software. Insert the first sheet of your primary material into the laser. Focus the table to the material, then run the first job for the tree components. Once complete, clear out the work area, then insert your second sheet. Run the second job to create the rest of your tree components.

The advent tree being cut out in the laser
Close up of the holes being laser cut out of the advent tree

Cut out the Stars

Insert your plastic into the machine. Send over the stars job from your graphics software. Focus the table to the plastic, then run the job.

Laser cutting thin plastic into gold stars

Paint and Assemble

After your components have been engraved and cut, apply a few coats of paint to the numbers on the tree. After the paint has dried, peel off the masking.

Painting the numbers on the tree with acrylic paint
Removing masking after laser engraving

Then peel off the protective layer of the double-sided tape on the back of your stars and affix the stars to the top of your two main tree components.

Adhering the laser cut plastic star to the advent tree

Connect the main tree components using the base supports and the top connector.

Slotting the tree components into the base supports

Place the wine bottles into the tree and enjoy a very merry month!

Wine bottles in the completed advent tree.
The completed laser cut wine advent tree with wine bottles.
Happy Holidays from Epilog Laser!

Where can you sell laser cut wine advent trees?

  • To wine/liquor stores
  • Specialty gift stores
  • To wineries, bars, or restaurants
  • Online shops

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