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Furniture Laser Engraving



– Furniture Laser Engraving

Whether you’re engraving end tables, etching pillows, or cutting a one-of-a-kind lace table runner, customizing furniture and home decor with a laser has never been more popular.

Take these wooden end tables. Durable and versatile for sure, but how do you make something so mass produced stand out? By laser engraving it, of course! Check out the steps below to learn how we engraved a custom map on these cute end tables.

To supplement this project, we’ve added step by step instructions to our Knowledge Base so you can create your own maps using both CorelDRAW and Illustrator!

Note: Files can be downloaded below, but If you are using a Corel version older than X7, you will need to import the .eps files into your version.

Project Settings

Materials Needed
Machine Used
Fusion M2 40 120w
Laser Engraving

Prepare the Artwork

Open the artwork files and customize as necessary. If you would like to create your own map, check out our Knowledge Base for articles on how to create a city map in CorelDRAW or Illustrator.

design files for end tables

Send to the Laser

Insert the table top into the laser and send the job.

laser engraving an end table
end table with custom laser engraving


After the engraving is complete, wipe off any excess residue with a damp cloth. Assemble the end table and you’re all set!

furniture laser engraving
final product of furniture laser engraving

Where can you sell laser engraved custom cutting boards?

  • Furniture stores
  • Home decor stores
  • Craft fairs

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