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Laser Engraving Canvas Wine Bags



– Laser Engraving Canvas Wine Bags
As people are gravitating toward greener alternatives to paper and plastic, laser engraving canvas wine bags is becoming a very popular laser application. Canvas is not only durable and versatile, it’s an eco-friendly material that is completely customizable. Cute and stylish, these reusable canvas bags make fantastic gifts for any wine enthusiast!

Project Settings

Materials Needed
Machine Used
Helix 60w
Laser Engraving


Place the canvas wine bag on the table, making sure to tape down the edges and handles so they’re not in the way. Measure the dimensions of your bag and size your graphic accordingly.

Prepare the Artwork

Download the graphics above and import it into your graphic software. Modify as necessary. To ensure the graphic is placed where you want it, you may draw an outline around the graphic and send it to the laser with 100 speed and 0 power, then turn on the red dot pointer at your machine’s control panel. Keep the lid to the laser open and watch the red dot pointer trace the outline. Back in your graphics software, adjust the graphic as necessary to fit the bag.

Design files for laser engraving canvas wine bags

Send to the Laser

Send the job to the laser with the correct parameters for your machine wattage. For canvas material – and most fabrics in general – start with high speed and low power settings. Also, reduce your DPI to 300 to eliminate excess burning.

laser engraving canvas wine bags


Once your graphic is finished engraving you are ready to use or gift your new custom wine bag!

laser engraved canvas wine bag
group of laser engraved canvas wine bags

Where can you sell laser engraved canvas wine bags?

  • Wineries
  • Wine shops
  • Liquor stores
  • Specialty gift shops
  • Restaurants

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