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Introducing the Epilog Fusion Edge

Epilog’s newest laser machine combines our top-of-the-line technology and our latest features in a compact desktop format.

Fusion Edge

If you’re looking for the latest in laser engraving and cutting system technology in a compact and transportable format, Epilog’s new Fusion Edge laser series has the laser machine for you. The Fusion Edge series takes our top-of-the-line features, high-speed engraving, and precise and accurate cutting, and delivers them in mid-sized laser systems. The Fusion Edge series features our popular IRIS™ Camera Positioning System, which makes artwork placement an easy, drag-and-drop experience. Powered by a real-time view of the laser bed, this lets you go from artwork to engraving in no time.

The Fusion Edge 12 is available in CO2 or fiber configurations, meaning there’s a machine for you whether you’re looking to directly mark metal, or cut and engrave any number of other materials. The Fusion Edge 24 is available in CO2 configurations, with double the work area, an additional IRIS™ camera, and an 80-watt option. Check out our Fusion Edge product page for more information on the laser series, and learn how a Fusion Edge laser system can deliver high-speed performance, incredible precision, expedited workflows, and more.

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