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Promotional Resources

Are you looking for ways to promote your Epilog Laser system?

We often receive requests from new customers for product images to use on their website or ideas on how to promote their lasers. We’ve got a few ideas that we’ll be sharing here, and will be adding more over time, so check back often!

Create a Press Release to Promote Your Business

Send the news of your laser to newspapers in the area and get your name in the press.

Start by getting some press in your local newspaper. Send a press release that highlights the capabilities of the laser and new products you plan to offer. Local papers love to feature thriving companies within their community, and you can reach out to potential customers by letting them know you invested in a technology that can help them!

Below are three customizable press release templates you can use to write your own release. Customize it for your business and include your own quotes with your own quotes about what you are going to be doing with the laser, or to discuss a local angle in which you think the press might be interested.

Need someone to look over your release and give you some suggestions? Email Amy Dallman, our press specialist, and she’ll be happy to look it over and give you some pointers.

Looking for More PR Ideas?

Download helpful article on public relations for small business owners.

We’ve created a white paper on Public Relations for Small Business Owners to help you get the word out about your business and company achievements. Learn media relations techniques, tips on writing for the web and other ways to make your business stand out.