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Laser It Challenge #3: Laser Engraving a Pumpkin Thanksgiving Pie

Laser engraving a Thanksgiving-themed pumpkin pie with an Epilog Fusion Edge 60-watt laser.

Laser machines allow you to personalize all kinds of items – including sweet treats like holiday pies!

Here we used an Epilog to engrave a Thanksgiving message on a pumpkin pie – it’s always a popular application as the holidays roll around. Simply pop in your dessert, place your artwork, and send the job over. Creating a custom message on this substrate is easy as pie!

Quick tip: skip the autofocus for this one – otherwise it can get a little messy.

Happy Thanksgiving from Epilog!

We used the Epilog Fusion Edge 12 with a 60-watt CO2 laser tube for this project.

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