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Can Epilog’s lasers engrave on metal?

Discover the ways you can mark metal with Epilog Laser machines

Yes. Our fiber laser systems are capable of permanently marking nearly all types of bare metal. The fiber laser line was designed with a combination of affordability and high quality results in mind. The Fusion Edge 12 machine comes in a fiber option, with a 24″ x 12″ (610 x 305 mm) work area. The larger Fusion Pro series features a 32″ x 20″ (812 x 508 mm) or 48″ x 36″ (1219 x 914 mm) work area. The flat-bed, flying-optic design of the Fusion Edge and Fusion Pro systems is revolutionary for a fiber laser system and will mark metals over a large work area in a short amount of time.

And, though our CO2 laser systems are mainly designed to engrave and cut non-metallic materials, they can also be used to mark on metal with the aid of metal-marking compound.

Download our Etching & Marking Guidebook to learn more about marking metal with a fiber laser system.

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