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Zing 16/24

Firmware & Driver Downloads

Series: 10000

Zing 16/24 Tech Specs

Software/Firmware for Zing 16 & 24 Laser Systems

Zing Driver 9.02 (01/07/15)

Replaces version 9.01 (08/15/14)

DAT Converter (08/15/14)

First Version for Epilog Zing

Epilog Job Manager 1.3.6 (01/15/16)

Replaces 1.3.5 (11/23/2015)
  • Improves how the software handles hairline vector lines that extend off the edge of the page. This change only affects the Fusion Laser Series.

Please note: Remove previous version of Epilog Job Manager before installation! (Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features and remove the software.)

Please note: Windows 7/8/10 is required to use the Epilog Job Manager.

  • Warning! Install the driver before the Job Manager to properly associate your driver with the laser.
  • For more information on the Job Manager, click here.

Firmware: (01/13/2011)


Firmware & Driver Downloads

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications for our Zing 16 and Zing 24 laser systems.