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How it works

Machine Quality Count

Learn how machine quality shapes the future of laser engraved and cut products for hobbyists, artists, small businesses, manufacturers, & more.

Providing an incredible product or service is necessary for any business to keep your customers happy and grow your operation. In the laser game, this requires only the highest quality engraving and cutting results, on time, every time.

Reliable Excellence

High Quality Laser Engraving

We often hear from customers that they can’t believe the difference between the engraving they achieve with their Epilog machine and what they see created by other laser engravers. Why is this? It’s a combination of our higher-quality laser tube design and a technologically advanced motion control system. We can achieve our highest engraving resolutions even at the machine’s top speeds. Try that with any other system and you’ll be disappointed!

  • Laser Engraved Drumsticks

    Laser Engraved Drumsticks

  • wedding photo engraving

    Photo Engraving

  • 3D Fish Scale Texture

    3D Fish Scale Texture

Higher Speed Laser Engraving and Cutting

Long-life, air-cooled laser tubes aren’t a luxury for your laser business. They are a necessity. They are the heart of our laser systems. When you have a tube that you can fire at high speeds, the results are simply amazing. The engraving quality is crisp, detailed, and laser precise.

Repeatable Results Made Easy

Positioning your artwork takes seconds on an Epilog system thanks to easy, top-left table positioning and a variety of positioning features, like our IRIS Camera Live-Preview feature. Center-Center engraving allows you to set the center point of your artwork as the home position in seconds. In fact, you can move the home position to anywhere on the engraving table! Previewing your artwork with the Red Dot Pointer can guarantee your alignment is perfect on any item. Or use the laser to create a jig that will hold your pieces in position the next time you want to run a full table of items.

Operational Choice

Run Your Projects Through Your Computer

With Epilog’s system you are not forced to use a cloud-based web software where you don’t have control over your designs. Send it through the Epilog Job Manager, and the next time you want to run your engraving, it’ll be ready to go along with all of the settings you have used in the past to get the best results. You won’t waste time reconnecting your laser to the internet and waiting for endless calibrations.

Design in the Software of Your Choice

With Epilog Laser systems you aren’t locked into proprietary software that only works for some of your design work and comes with little to no support. You can use the software you like best – Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Inkscape…the list goes on. These software packages have been designed with the best features available, so we’ve made our systems easy to use from any of these software suites.


Stay Up and Running

If you do run into a problem, we have support and service ready to help. Online technical support is available through our website, or you can call or email with your problem. We can overnight the part to you and get you back up and running as quickly as possible. You won’t be asked to return your system if there is an issue – every component has been designed for easy user maintenance, so you won’t lose out on business while your laser is down.

Liberating Technology

We Have a System to Meet Your Needs

If you are looking for a laser to create real products that you can sell, you will quickly discover that a small additional upfront investment in a professional-grade laser system like an Epilog will help you succeed. From our starter system, the Epilog Zing 16, to our larger industrial machines, there is an Epilog Laser system to fit your budget and needs. Fill out the form on this page or give us a call and let’s discuss what you want to do with a laser system.

Phone: 905-608-1188

Is Room Temperature a Factor?

Not with our laser tubes.

Inexpensive glass laser tubes must be cooled much more stringently than the metal/ceramic tube that your Epilog Laser system features. Most glass tubes require a water pump and bucket of water to cool the tube. If the system features internal cooling liquids, you must operate the laser in low temperature rooms or the laser will stop operating. Epilog’s systems feature air-cooling methods, making it safe to operate your system in any environment 90 °F (32 °C) or cooler.

Collection of Laser Engraved Leather Notebooks

Collection of Laser Engraved Leather Notebooks

Text Laser-Cut out of Acrylic

Text Laser-Cut out of Acrylic

highly detailed aztec engraving

Highly Detailed Aztec Engraving