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Epilog Laser

Metal Marking Guide

Download Epilog Laser’s Etching & Marking Guidebook

Epilog’s fiber laser systems make marking bare metals and engineered plastics incredibly easy, but users often wonder how fiber systems will work with specific substrates, and what types of marks they’ll be able to achieve. Find out the answers to your fiber laser questions (and more!) in Epilog’s 50+ page Fiber Laser Guidebook to Industrial Etching and Marking. This comprehensive resource touches on so many different fiber-related topics, from general processing guidelines to FAQs to deep metal engraving and well beyond.

Topics in the guide include:

  • Commonly Marked Products
  • How to Reduce Overall Cycle Times
  • Annealing & Polishing of Metals
  • Passivation
Metal Marking

metal marking with the fusion galvo
laser cut foam organizer
Pocket Knives Marked with an Epilog Fiber Laser
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