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Laser Features

IRIS™ Camera Positioning System

Overhead cameras provide accurate drag-and-drop artwork placement.

What makes artwork placement with an Epilog Laser so easy?

It’s our IRIS™ Camera Positioning System that is revolutionizing the way you work with our laser machines. With our sophisticated technology, you can place your artwork for engraving and cutting more quickly and accurately than ever before. The included overhead cameras provide an accurate live view of any material you place on the laser’s work surface. This allows you to drag and drop your artwork directly onto your sheet material, part, or product, giving you greater control and faster turnaround times. In other words, it makes bringing your laser projects, products, and creations to life quick, easy, and more fun!

Aligning Your Laser Projects Is Easier Than Ever

What You See Is Where You Engrave

The IRIS Camera Positioning System increases accuracy when placing the artwork by providing a what you see is where you engrave experience. Instead of manually measuring distances or using trial-and-error techniques, the camera allows you to precisely position artwork and ensure accurate engravings and cuts every time. Our advanced camera features help reduce the number of mistakes made during production, resulting in less material waist, better quality products, increased production, and improved workflow efficiency overall.

IRIS™ Camera System Feature Comparison

Fusion Maker
Fusion Edge
Fusion Pro
Fusion Galvo
IRIS™ Camera Positioning
1 or 2 Overhead Cameras
IRIS™ Camera Registration
1 Lens Assembly Camera

How-to Print, Position, and Laser Engrave
with Epilog’s IRIS Camera Positioning System

1. Print to the Epilog Laser Dashboard

Prepare your artwork in the graphics software of your choice, such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Canva, and Inkscape, for example, then print it to the Epilog Laser Dashboard. Sending a laser project to an Epilog Laser machine is quicker and less painful than printing to your standard paper printer.

2. Drag & Drop the Artwork into Position

Focus your laser with the push of a button using the touch screen display. Then drag and drop, resize, group/ungroup, and more within the Epilog Dashboard to edit and position your artwork where you want it on your material.

3. Select Material Settings and Laser It!

Select your material from our preloaded material settings library or customize your laser settings (speed, power, frequency, etc.) for a unique material and laser engraving effect, then press Go at the laser and watch your laser go to work!

What Can You Create?

Whether you’re personalizing a pre-made trophy, cutting custom acrylic awards, adding name plates to a corporate plaque, or using a variety of materials to custom personalized gift, Epilog’s laser engravers features and speeds allow you to produce stunning products in minutes.
Nothing beats seeing the engraving and cutting results in person. Get a free brochure with engraved and cut samples sent directly to you.

Top 10 Advantages of a Live-Preview Camera
Positioning System in Your Laser

Live-Preview Camera Workflow Assist

  • Increased precision and accuracy for placing designs, logos, and serial numbers on products and materials
  • Faster proofing and production time with drag-and-drop & resizing features
  • Improved quality assurance for customers
  • Easier and quicker setup improves run-time estimates for customer quotes
  • Modernized workflow monitoring of parts for compliance and conformance to customer specifications

Laser Business Efficiency & Service Profitability

  • Reduced material waste with the reduction of mistakes made during production testing, research, and development
  • Lower material costs through scrap material reuse
  • Ability to create “just in time” laser engravings for one-off personalized project requests
  • Reduction in labor costs due to the simplification of set-up processes and increased speed of processing times
  • Improved safety for laser users through fewer material and machine-touch operations

Fusion Pro Power Up for Your IRIS Camera System

Add a Registration Camera for Laser Die Cutting

Our Fusion Pro lasers include an additional camera at the lens assembly for the precise laser die-cutting and finishing of your digitally printed projects. Simply place the color-printed paper, wood, or acrylic project, with included registration marks, onto the laser worksurface, then let the Epilog Dashboard Software and the Fusion Pro do the rest.

With ease of use as our goal, the Fusion Pro IRIS Camera die-cutting features help businesses meet deadlines, streamline laser-finishing workflows, expand product offerings, and increase profits across the business.

Power Your Future with the Fusion Pro

If you’re looking for a laser to create real products that you can sell, you will quickly discover that the investment in a professional-grade laser system from Epilog will help you succeed. The Fusion Pro reflects 30+ years of laser design and manufacturing experience, combining time-tested mechanics with modern features and conveniences. Our customers have found great success using Epilog Laser machines to build and expand their businesses and make their dreams a reality. Fill out this form, and let’s discuss what ideas you have for a laser system.

Accomplish More with IRIS Camera Positioning

Time Is Money For Laser Businesses

Another benefit of having a camera positioning system is speedier turn-around times for your customers. The overhead cameras allow for faster placement of artwork for engraving compared to traditional methods, eliminating unnecessary steps and saving valuable time during low-volume production runs. This can significantly shorten overall project timelines by providing our customers with more precise control over how they lay out their artwork on substrates—reducing costs along the way as well.

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