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Using the IRIS Camera to Darken an Engraving with a Second Pass

It happens a lot in the engraving industry: you engrave a piece and once it’s complete you remove it from the laser and realize it’s not quite as dark or deep as you’d like it. But it can be daunting to try and rerun the item and ensure that it engraves in precisely the right place. Until the IRIS™ Camera Positioning system came along.

Utilizing Camera Technology

Epilog’s revolutionary IRIS™ Camera system makes positioning your artwork and graphics incredibly easy so you have the confidence of knowing your work will engrave precisely where it’s supposed to – even if you’ve already moved the item being engraved!

If you determine your engraving isn’t as deep or dark as you’d like, you can easily insert the piece back into the machine and run it through a second pass. The built-in overhead cameras on the laser give you a real-time image of the work table, and using the Epilog Dashboard you can simply place your artwork in the correct spot, set your engraving parameters and press go!

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