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Breast Cancer Awareness Wall Art | JDS Leatherette Panels

How to create custom laser engraved wall art with an Epilog using JDS leatherette panels & printing from Inkscape.

Getting Started

Laser machines are popular tools for creating stunning home décor products and statement pieces. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we used a Fusion Pro 32 and IRIS™ Camera positioning system to create this striking and inspiring wall art. Using pink leatherette from JDS Industries, the laser creates a dramatic contrast between the leatherette and black background that is expose beneath.

Engraving custom graphics on fabric and textiles is a very popular application for your laser system. Depending on the material, direct-to-fabric engraving can result in a variety of looks. On some textiles such as cotton and denim, the laser produces an almost bleached appearance as it is vaporizing just a slight layer off the top. Other materials like non-colored canvas or leather produce a darker mark when engraved. Whether you’re engraving a message of inspiration or hope, Epilog’s systems make it easy to personalize a variety of fabrics to create stunning wall art and statement pieces at the touch of a button.

A few things to keep in mind when engraving fabric:

  • Test your settings, when possible.
  • Start with a high speed and low power setting in order to quickly burn away the top layer of fabric. A higher power setting is likely to burn completely through the fabric.
  • Engrave at a lower resolution – reducing the DPI of your engraving means the laser is burning fewer dots per inch, which helps ensure the laser doesn’t burn completely through the fabric.

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