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Twin Whistle laser models

Twin Whistle Sign & Kit Company

Laser technology combined with design talent equals more capabilities and markets served

In business for the past two decades, Twin Whistle Sign & Kit Co. knows a thing or two about providing high-quality results for customers.

Since 1992, the company has specialized in building manufactured products for hobbyists, collectors and model railroaders.

Allen Goethe, Twin Whistle founder and Co-owner, tells us “approximately four and a half years ago, we were using a small laser company for the firehouse and garage doors for our kits and models. We needed a rush job done. When the package of parts finally arrived, the quality of work was terrible, and it was expensive! We didn’t accept the work and sent everything back. Since I was doing design work at
that time anyway, it began to make sense to begin to look around for our own laser system.”

Combining the Epilog Laser capabilities with our design experience has definitely been profitable for us.

Allen Goethe

Allen tells us that at the beginning of the research process he knew very little about laser engraving and cutting systems, but he quickly learned. “I looked at several systems that were suspiciously inexpensive, and then I began to research quality products,” Allen said.

When it came to features and benefits, Allen said the primary thing he and his wife were looking for was a sense of control over the laser engraving and cutting process. “I also wanted a system that could be easily maintained, was dependable, and offered wide choices of engraving and cutting capabilities such as rotary engraving, pattern enhancement, software package compatibility, and things like that,” he said.

Allen said the support he received from Epilog Laser was a key driver in his decision to purchase a machine. “Epilog has a great reputation for supporting its customers. My local representative, Roy Hatley, did an excellent job of helping me choose the right system for my needs. At no point was there any pressure to get the sale and I respected that. It told me a lot about the company in general.”

The Goethes use the laser to cut styrene, various woods, leather, paper, cardstock, and engrave different types of metal. One of their biggest and most recent projects includes a Charlotte, NC, South Railroad Depot made of acrylic and birch, as well as an engraving for Model Building Services in Lexington, MA.

Other projects have included a series of New York firehouses (see above), which have been featured on, and in various magazines (Hobby Merchandiser, S. Gaugian, and O Scale Railroading).

By incorporating laser engraving and cutting machinery, Allen tells us Twin Whistle has been able to expand and branch out into several new markets. “We provide custom engraving services for local trophy companies and we are also designing acrylic and wooden trophies that are cost-effective and easily produced. Wedding engravings have also become a consistently bigger market for us, and the miniature market continues to grow as well,” Allen said. “Combining the Epilog Laser capabilities with our design experience has definitely been profitable for us.”

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