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pop up cards

Zing Lasers Allows for Efficient, In-House Pop-Up Card Production

Lasers are incredibly versatile tools that can work on a variety of mediums – one of the most popular being different papers and cardstocks

In 2012, Mr. Ngo contacted Namson Engineering Co., Ltd., the exclusive Epilog Laser representatives in Vietnam.

“I needed an affordable laser system that allowed me to make my own pop-up cards,” Ngo said. “I contacted Namson to ensure that an Epilog system would meet my needs.”

Namson offered to loan Mr. Ngo a Zing 16 laser system to ensure the machine could tackle the paper cutting/engraving applications he had in mind. After a short trial, he realized that it was exactly the type of machinery that would allow him to create his own intricate pop-up cards and décor.

The first month after purchasing the Zing 16, Mr. Ngo spent most of his time learning how to create the design files for all types of cards. After getting over that initial design hurdle, he is now producing an impressive array of greeting cards and paper decorations.

“Thanks to the Epilog Zing, I’m able to produce the pop-up cards for my own company and keep my business stable,” Mr. Ngo said. “I can quickly meet all of the customers demand for the product. The Epilog system allows me to do this faster and with higher-quality results than ever before.”

Mr. Ngo credits the Zing 16 with allowing him to create more sophisticated and visually appealing products. Additionally, the laser allows him to produce cards with exceptional detail without any burning or scorching of the surface material.

The demand for pop-up cards has increased dramatically – so much so that Mr. Ngo purchased a new Zing 16 every few months to keep up with his customers.

Now on his tenth Zing 16, he is better able to meet the demands from customers all over the world.

“Although we are still new to the field of pop-up cards, our Epilog Laser systems have been able to help us meet our customer’s expectations – in Vietnam and across the globe.

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