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Laser Systems Made in the USA

Mike Dean
“Using as many American-made parts and components as possible, Epilog designs, engineers and manufactures all of our laser systems in our Golden, CO. headquarters. Our systems are proudly branded with these four words: Made in the USA.”
– Mike Dean, Mr. Epilog
Epilog Laser headquarters building

Epilog Headquarters

Golden, Colorado USA

Epilog Laser is proud to be engineered, designed and manufactured in the USA. From our high-tech manufacturing facility located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Golden, CO, our machines go from concept, to design, to build all in one facility.

Every Epilog Laser system goes through a battery of vigorous tests before being shipped to you, so you know that the machine you receive is going to perform to Epilog’s exacting standards from the first time you switch it on.

Epilog has been manufacturing laser systems since 1988. We are proud of the fact that we continuously improve our systems with the latest developments so that you get the greatest value possible.

In 2005, Epilog built a custom-designed manufacturing facility with 35,000 square feet to headquarter our company. This facility houses all of our functions within the company, including engineering, manufacturing, marketing, sales, technical support and administration.

We are proud to be a successful manufacturing company that has continued to build our products in the USA, guaranteeing you the best quality laser machinery.

We strive to use the best parts available for every component in our systems. With over 90% US manufactured parts, we are proud to design and manufacture the best laser system on the market.

From the first laser to “print” directly from CorelDRAW, to the first rotary attachment, to the first large format table, to the first 100 watt laser, to the first LCD screen, to the first…well, you get the idea! Epilog is the industry’s leading innovator of useful features that make your business run more smoothly and profitably. Contact us and let us show you how everything that we produce is built with your needs in mind.