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Lease-to-Own a Laser System

with special offers from

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Lease today and…

Increase your buying power
Avoid a down payment
Match revenue with expenditures
Receive possible tax benefits
Keep cash credit lines available
Have fewer tax burdens
* Pricing only valid in the United States. Monthly payments may be tax deductible. Offer subject to credit approval. Terms are 60 months with a FMV 10% Purchase Option. Only valid on NEW transactions & businesses of 2+ years. First month and security deposit paid upfront. Subject to a documentation fee.

Benefits of Leasing

There are a number of exciting reasons why leasing could be the best option for you to get your own laser engraving system.
  • Competitive rates compared to banks
  • Conserves/maximizes cash flow/working capital
  • Flexible tax benefits – payments can be deductible
  • No liability on balance sheet
  • Option to buy, renew lease, or return equipment at end of term
  • Creative structuring available to match business cycles
  • Choice of term length
  • No downpayment – may require 1-2 advance payments
  • Leaves capital open for other purchases or investments
  • Protects against obsolete equipment
  • Leasing terms for start-ups and credit-challenged are available

Leasing FAQ

If you’re interested in starting a laser engraving/cutting business or getting a laser system of your own, you may have questions regarding how to go about purchasing your equipment. Our associates at Geneva Capital, LLC. have put together an informative piece on the benefits of leasing to help you determine the best purchasing options to fit your needs. Read on to learn the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding leasing.
What are typical lease terms?
Lease terms range from 12-60 months. The most typical lease term is 36 or 60 months (three or five years.)
Can I lease to own?
Yes. About 95 percent of Geneva Capital’s clients select a “lease-to-own” plan.
Are there tax advantages to leasing?
Yes. In fact, one of the most appealing reasons new business owners lease equipment is because the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does not consider an operating lease to be a purchase; rather it is a tax-deductible overhead expense. Therefore, you can deduct the lease payments from your corporate income.
Does leasing require a significant down payment?
No. Generally speaking, leasing requires little to no down payment. While the first and last month’s payments may be required, leasing is almost identical to 100 percent financing.
How does leasing affect my cashflow?
You’ll find leasing has a positive impact on your cashflow because you’re not paying for the equipment in one lump sum. By selecting a lease, business owners can conserve cash for other uses like advertising, marketing or other expenses. Leasing also allows for you to forecast cash requirements more accurately as you know the amount and number of lease payments you will owe over the lease period.
Business is good – can I lease more equipment while still leasing my existing system?
Yes. Leasing opens the door for faster response to new business opportunities. Many leasing companies can approve an application for new equipment in a matter of a few days. This allows for you and/or your company to react quickly to a new opportunity before your competitors can.
How does leasing look to potential lenders?
Leasing can actually help you to look more attractive to traditional lenders when you need them. Operating leases are not considered long-term debt or liability on your balance sheet which makes you to look more stable to lenders when you need them.
Is leasing flexible?
Absolutely. Lessors offer other flexible terms which allow you to customize your lease to a program which will fit your needs and requirements – cash flow, budget, transaction structure, cyclical fluctuations, etc. For example, some leases allow you to miss one or more payments without a penalty, which is an important feature for seasonal businesses.
There are many different options to choose from when determining financing for your equipment and while leasing is the best option for many, it’s not the solution for everyone. To find out if leasing is the best choice for you, or to create a leasing plan of your own, explore the payment estimator below and fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Payment Estimator

In addition to the featured offers listed above, you can lease any Epilog laser system. To see your estimated payment range, type in your equipment cost & select your desired term below.

Amount to finance:

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Number of months in term:

12 24 36 48 60

Lease Amount


Term Length


Estimated Payment

* Calculator is for illustrative purposes only. Actual numbers will vary based on credit. Original calculator can be found at

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