These customized wind chimes make the perfect addition to any front porch, garden area, or balcony. Ideal for newlyweds, new homeowners, and more, these thoughtful gifts are both stylish and functional. Easy to engrave and reasonably priced, these are sure to be a popular addition to your product line and showroom. Read on to learn more about this wind chime laser engraving project!

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Materials Needed

We used a Fusion Pro 24 80 watt:
Raster engraving - Speed: 65% // Power: 100% // DPI: 500

Step 1: Prepare the Artwork

Modify your artwork as necessary. You can use our graphics for samples or create your own personalized messaging.

laser engraved wind chimes artwork

Step 2: Prepare your Material

Place your wind chimes on the table. Focus the table, close the lid.

Placing wind chimes in laser machine

Step 3: Determine your Parameters

Consult your owner’s manual for recommended engraving/cutting settings for your machine and wattage. Enter your settings within the dashboard, and send the job to the laser. At the machine, select the job and press go.

Laser engraving wind chimes

Step 4: Clean

Once the job has completed, wipe away any residue from the wind chimes and you're done!

Laser engraved Wine Tumblers

Where can you sell laser engraved wind chimes?

  • Garden centers
  • Online gift outlets
  • Specialty gift stores
  • As closing gifts for real estate agents to give clients

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