With such a variety of products and substrates, the pet accessories industry is a market ripe for customization. Laser engraving pet accessories for your customers' furry friends is a fantastic application for you Epilog Laser machine!

Thanks to the versatility of the laser, we can easily customize fleece, anodized aluminum, and leather, all of which are very popular materials for pet products.

Keep reading to access the design files, machine model and laser parameters we used for laser engraving these cute accessories that will make any pup feel like a prince!

Download Graphics

Materials Needed

We used a Fusion M2 40 120w:

Dog Tags: Raster // Speed 90% // Power 30% // 600dpi

Dog Collar: Raster // Speed 90% // Power 20% // 600dpi

Dog Jacket: Raster // Speed 100% // Power 8%

Step 1: Prepare Artwork

Download the graphics above and import it into your graphic software. Make adjustments as necessary.

Design files for laser engraving dog accessories

Step 2: Send to the Laser

Send the job to the laser with the correct parameters for your machine's wattage. See the laser parameter section above for the specific settings we used, or consult your owner's manual for your machine's wattage. For the fleece material - and most fabrics in general - start with high speed and low power settings. Also, reduce your DPI to 300 to eliminate excess burning.

laser engraving  dog accessories in machine

Step 3: Add Finishing Touches

Wash off any residue on the dog collar and tags.

group of laser engraved dog accessories
close up of laser engraved dog accessories
close up of laser engraved dog accessories

Where can you sell laser engraved pet accessories?

  • Pet stores
  • Online shops
  • Specialty gift shops

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