Higher-Resolution Radiance™ High Definition Optics (Zing 24)

The laser tube is the source of the laser beam, it's not the only technology that is involved in producing a crisp, sharp laser beam. After the laser beam leaves the tube, we use additional optical components to shape and refine the laser beam before it is delivered to the work surface.

We refer to these optics as our Radiance High Energy Optics package, and they have revolutionized the detail that can now be achieved with a CO2 laser system. With any laser system over 24" in carriage length, we include the Radiance Optics package to provide higher quality, more consistent beam accuracy across the entire table.

We include the Radiance optics package on any laser system with a table 24" or longer. We have found that when a laser system reaches at least 24", widening and straightening the beam are necessary to achieve the same engraving quality at all corners of the table.

There are four significant advantages that our Radiance technology provides over ordinary beam delivery optical systems:

  • A Rounder Spot: A spot size that is as close to circular as possible produces laser characteristics that are the same in both the X and Y directions, providing crisper, more consistent engraving and cutting profiles.
  • More Uniform Spot Over the Entire Work Area: Because all CO2 laser beams diverge after they leave the laser tube, the beam can actually change shape from one end of the work table to the other. Epilog's Radiance technology produces the most uniform spot in the industry.
  • Smaller Spot Size: A smaller spot means you can produce finer detail in engraving and cutting applications. Just look at the detail in some of our samples - it's truly amazing!
  • Higher Power Density: When a laser beam is focused to a smaller spot, its power density goes up because you have the same amount of power in a smaller area. This helps produce a deeper, darker mark and is beneficial in virtually every engraving and cutting application.

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