Memory in the Machine

By including 64 MB of RAM in every Legend Series system, organizing your print jobs is fast and convenient while ensuring data integrity. Print your jobs to the laser, then use your computer for other tasks. Unlike Epilog, many laser systems rely on a USB connection to keep their laser system running. Memory in the Legend Series systems guarantees you won't have to worry about the computer freezing, the USB cord being too long, or even the screen saver turning on and ruining your job.

Send as many standard files to the laser as you want and run them in any order. Onboard memory improves your job management by allowing you to select and run any job you choose, and rerun it by simply scrolling to the correct file name. The unlimited rolling buffer automatically accommodates print files of virtually any size.

We even incorporate Permanent Job Storage in the Legend Series so you can store your most common jobs at the laser. Just turn on your laser and start the job!

Benefits of Memory in the Machine:

  • Save your most common jobs at the laser.
  • Choose to rerun files you have sent to the laser.
  • Delete jobs when you are done with them from the control panel.
  • No ruined jobs if the screen saver comes on or the USB cord is too long.

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