d Epilog Legend Waveguide Laser Tubes

CO2 Waveguide Laser Tubes by Epilog

CO2 lasers operate when CO2 gas in a sealed tube is excited by RF energy. The laser emits optical energy in the form of an invisible infrared beam that may be used for engraving, marking or cutting on a variety of materials.

There is a large difference in the beam created by different laser tubes. Oval-shaped beams, inconsistent power stability and slow switching rates all contribute to images that are not as crisp and clean as images produced by an Epilog Laser system with Waveguide laser technology.

The patented Waveguide laser tubes used in Epilog's laser systems produce the best beam quality in the industry. With higher CO2 gas pressure, less stringent mirror alignment requirements, faster switching rates and smaller bore, Epilog's laser tubes provide the highest-quality engraving and cutting results available.

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