Fusion M2 Dual Source Option

The Fusion M2's dual source option allows you to incorporate both a CO2 and fiber laser source into one laser system. What is the benefit of two laser sources in one cabinet? Space - if you are operating in a limited-space environment, you can maximize your space with equipment that can now work with any type of laser. For dual configurations, choose between a 50, 60, or 75-watt CO2 laser and match it with a 30 or 50-watt fiber laser. Pick the combination that is best for your application.

Maximizing power transfer from the laser source to the work piece requires mirrors that are designed for the specific wavelength of the laser source. Some dual-source systems compromise on optics or force you to change lasers and/or optics. The M2 provides dedicated optics and a dedicated beam path for each laser source before combining the paths prior to focusing. There is no need to manually swap out laser sources or optics; it all happens automatically. Laser alignment for both sources is always stable and never compromised, resulting in maximum laser power as well as greatly enhanced image quality and the fastest job processing times from the Fusion M2.

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