High-Speed Parts Marking Over a Large Work Area

By directing the laser beam through a series of mirrors, the FiberMark laser system has been designed to engrave a large work area of 24" x 12" (609 x 305 mm). The flying optic, state-of-the-art X/Y mechanical design of the FiberMark is the result of Epilog's 20+ years of experience in manufacturing CO2 laser marking and cutting systems.

The Benefits of a flying-optic laser over galvo system:

  • Allows for high-speed parts marking with a larger work area.
  • Accommodates large pieces or common label sheet stock. Palletization or sheet-stock marking is done while the operator performs other tasks.
  • Parts indexing is simple and predictable, based on the X/Y zero positioning.
  • Consistent spot size and power density is achieved over the entire work area.

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