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Epilog Laser systems are incredibly versatile, fast, and precise. Our engraving, marking, and cutting machines are used every day by people around the world, in more industries than we can count. Whether they're manufacturers, small business owners, artists, makers, hobbyists, or students, our laser owners create amazing projects. Whatever your idea is, an Epilog Laser system can probably help you bring it to life.

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Epilog regularly creates new projects to add to our Sample Club. Here you can access design files, material vendors, speed/power parameters, and much more. Here’s a look at some of our past projects.

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Download our informative Guidebook to Starting your own Laser Engraving & Cutting Business, which gives a comprehensive overview of the industry and outlines factors to consider before entering the market.

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Check out our Customer Spotlight section for a variety of success stories spanning all kinds of industries.

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What can you make?

The number of applications for laser cutting, engraving, and marking is nearly endless, and it grows with every project. Here is just a small collection of the ways you can use an Epilog Laser system.

Electronics Engraving Wood Engraving & Cutting Marble & Stone Etching
Glass Etching Corporate Giveaways Sporting Goods
Acrylic & Wood Signage Wedding Memorabilia Nameplates & Desksets
Appliques Toys & Games Wooden Models
Photo Albums Holiday Decorations Laser Cut Cards & Invitations
Guitar Inlays Custom Jewelry Corporate & Sporting Awards
Acrylic Plaques Photo Frames One-of-a-Kind Gifts
Engraved Mirrors Architectural Models Custom Pet Tags
Inlaid Signage 3D Models Engraved Denim Jeans
Photo Engraving Barcode Engraving Logo Engraving on Parts
Tool Identification Medical Part Marking Etched Business Cards
Wine Bottle Engraving Brewery Swag and Branding Phone Customization
Holiday Ornaments Cloth Etching Paper Invitations
Laptop Customization Memorials Home Decor
Marble Flooring Cabinetry Product Marking
Industrial Etching And much more!

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