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Sample Club: Engraving Wooden Planter Boxes

engraving wooden planter boxes

Customizing Wooden Planter Boxes

Spring is in the air and we're celebrating by customizing these wooden planter boxes. Perfect for small spaces, these little boxes bring a touch of the outdoors to any indoor space. Visit the Sample Club for design files and step-by-step instructions!

Epilog Launches Revamped Online Training Suite

Epilog Laser online training suite

Epilog is excited to announce that we've recently transitioned our online training suite to a completely new learning management system (LMS.)

This new LMS will allow you to create a user profile and access training and maintenance videos and project tutorials for your Epilog Laser system. You can also access Epilog’s Knowledge Base, as well as laser manuals, and driver download pages.

Systems currently covered in the LMS include the: Fusion Pro, Fusion Edge, Fusion M2, Mini/Helix, and Zing Laser systems.

Have your serial number handy and visit this page to register your machine. If you were already registered with the previous training suite, you’ll need to reset your password, which you can do at

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