Desktop CT and 3D Scanner with Arduino Takes Top Spot in Epilog Challenge IX

Desktop CT and 3D Scanner device made with Arduino

Epilog Laser is excited to announce Jon Bumstead, Manchester, MO., is the grand-prize winner in the ninth installment of the highly-popular Epilog Challenge hosted on Instructables. Jon received a new 30-watt Zing 16, vector cutting table, and air compressor for his entry “Desktop CT and 3D Scanner with Arduino.” The winning entry was one of 1,016 Instructables submitted for the Epilog Challenge IX.

“When I found out I won the prize, I couldn’t believe it,” Jon said. “I was at work and I couldn’t stop myself from jumping up in excitement. Besides the vast amount of excitement, I feel both fortunate that such a contest and community exists, and honored to win a contest with so many terrific entries. I have dreamed of owning a laser cutter since the moment I found out they existed.”

The finished 3D scanner device, a ring, and the ring's 3d model constructed with the device

When asked what his plans were for the laser, Jon told us one of his ideas was making educational kits for getting people of all ages interested in mechanical design and electronics.

“The first kit idea is an LED dodecahedron that is programmable with an Arduino, similar to the large LED geodesic dome that I built about a year ago and shared on Instructables,” Jon said. “I was able to cut a prototype before my local makerspace shut down, so you can imagine how excited I am to continue developing this kit. I also recently started an Etsy shop, One Bit Kit, where some smaller kits are available. The Etsy inventory is limited for now, but this laser cutter will serve as an essential tool for developing more kits.”

“I continue to be amazed not only by the sheer volume of entries we received, but also the creativity and ingenuity behind so many of the Epilog Challenge entries,” said Mike Dean, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Epilog Laser. “We’re so excited for Jon and are certain he’ll create some incredible projects with the laser!”

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